T-Mobile Loyalty Unlimited Plans Gone by End of the Month


If you’re a T-Mobile customer, hopefully you’ve taken full advantage of the Loyalty Unlimited plans that have been available. Such plans offered up such gems as  $50/mth for unlimited voice on a single line… or $89.99/mth for a two-line family plan. Sweet. The unfortunate news here is that T-Mobile is apparently cutting the Loyalty Unlimited plans at the end of this month. Boo-urns.

What can we learn from this? Get down to a T-Mobile store right now to sign up (That is, if you’ve been a customer for 22+ months with a reliable payment history… that’s where the whole ‘loyalty’ thing kicks in). Sheesh.

Hopefully T-Mobile has a few new plans loaded up to replace these… They probably do… However I’m sure they’ll be a few notches down on the awesomeness-meter.

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • Chaz

    Why do they have to end this already?!

  • tubedogg

    I don’t know where AndroidCentral got this information, but it’s wrong. The only thing ending is the $135 port-in add-a-line bill credit. The unlimited plan is staying.

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