Sprint Takes Calculated Jab at iPhone and AT&T


The gloves are off, and in this case… the Apple is chewed right down to the core. Looks like Sprint is pulling out all the stops to land as many Pre subscriptions as they can. In a new ad (above) you can clearly see that Sprint is taking a few jabs at 1st-gen iPhone users.

‘Your iPhone contract is up… Perfect timing!’

They make a good case. Run multiple apps at the same time, save over $1,000 in two years… plus a solid 3G network with 4G on the way. Why wouldn’t you switch to a Pre… um, right? Might be hard to beat that whole Apple/iPhone loyalty thing though.

Point Sprint. Will AT&T and Apple return serve?

[Via: PreThinking]

  • brandon

    Well that and sprints network is trash.

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