A Case for a Thicker BlackBerry: David Fitzherbert’s Story

david-fitzherbertBritish Skier David Fitzherbert was doing some skiing off-trail in the Matterhorn and Monterosa peaks in Switzerland when something terrible happened. The snow gave way beneath him, and he plummeted some 70 feet into a crevasse.

“The snow gave way beneath me and I fell down a very deep crevasse. After 70 feet it narrowed and I became stuck like a cork in a bottle between the walls. Fortunately the extra inches of the Blackberry were enough to block the fall.”

David broke his jaw, some teeth, his nose and a bone in his chest… But his BlackBerry was still working well enough to use. While in hospital he used it to message his wife that he was still alive.

I always thought that a thin device was more optimal. Next time I go skiing I’m packing the trusty old BlackBerry 8700 in my jacket pocket… Just in case :)

[Via: TheSun.co.uk]

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