Stop the Insanity! iPhone SIM-free way too dear!


Okay, now I’m a big fan of the iPhone, but this is ridiculous – the iPhone 3GS is the best part of a grand (£1000 to non-UK’ers) online? Yes, it’s true! No, I didn’t believe it at first either!

Now before I go any further, I’ll just say that, the site where I found this deal, have a very good reputation in the UK – they’ve been doing excellent-priced media (muzik, DVDs, etc) for a long time – and they know how to offer stuff at a good price.

The iPhone 3GS 32GB is listed there at an eye-watering £899.99…

So what gives? Well, as I said above Play do good deals, so I can only think this pricing has largely been determined from Apple, up on the mothership – and my 10 cents/pence worth are that this is unabridged insanity – after all, you could pick up a MacBook Laptop for that price !!!

I’d more than welcome reader comments – if you want to check out the prices of the iPhones for yourself, head over to, in the Mobiles section…

  • Android

    At the end of the day, you don’t need a phone that expensive to make a phone call, check email, or doing a few Google searches.

  • Neville

    Damn Straight! This is about as ridiculous as it gets… £900 for a phone!
    Can’t help but think that O2 is extracting bodily fluids.

  • Kill

    Buy it from Hong Kong from Gaget Asia for £740 I used them they are spot on

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