T-Mobile U.S. Touch Pro 2 Due August 12?

We had heard that T-Mobile Germany would be getting the Touch Pro 2 first, but what about their American cousin? Well, a rumoured August 12th. launch date has bubbled up for those who wait for it with bated breath. Pencil your calendars lightly, as the source couldn’t produce any supporting documents, but a little bit of hope couldn’t hurt. Bell is already showing signs of a CDMA version, as is Verizon, so the date isn’t entirely far-fetched. We’re just about ready to publish out Touch Pro 2 / N97 head-to-head review, so stay tuned to see how this sucker stacks up against the competition.

[via TMoNews]

  • cc

    I spoke to customer service today at T-mobile. My T-mobile Wing has been destroyed by being stepped on and it is no longer on the website. So I called customer service before I did an upgrade to a new phone. According to T-mobile customer service, the launch date for the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 is August 12 for the United States. I will be going to buy a disposible phone to last the month. It will be hard holding out, but I want that Touch Pro2. No indications yet on the price with 2 year contract.

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