• Louis

    Why the hell do you need so much RAM/ROM and a faster processor, when you can multitask smoothly on any S60 device? Is the extra RAM really necessary? Or is it purely for precautionary purposes? Faster processor? Just an illusion for faster speeds, period.

    IMO, USABLE specs are the 3.5mm jack, the 32GB flash memory, better camera, FM transmitter, and PROBABLY USABLE SPECS IN THE CASE OF EXTREME POWER USERS WHO CLOG UP THEIR PHONE WITH 20 APPS AT THE SAME TIME HENCE REQUIRING MUCH MORE RAM are the extra RAM ROM and faster processor. Seriously, you CAN beef up performance of S60s through firmwares to free up more RAM and such, but you CANT replace the lack of 3.5mm jack, the camera etc.

    Hence, fallacies on your part:

    1. why the hell are UNNECESSARY extra RAM/ROM faster processor usable specs and why is the camera/3.5mm jack/3G bands not as important? (i.e. how did you set your criteria for usability of specs?)
    2. the lack of RAM processor speed can be solved or at least eased with software upgrades, the lack of hardware features can never be solved without the introduction of the HTC Touch Pro III. (i.e. whether the lack of features can be eventually solved)

    Please address the two points I have brought up.

    • Cliffy44

      Louis said: Why the hell do you need so much RAM/ROM?

      Louis, any person with even a kindergarten computer intellect knows that you can never have enough “Ram/Rom”.

      The newer apps eat up more and more resources.

      It’s the “RAM/ROM” one of the many improvements over the TP1 (HTC Fuze) that makes the TP2 so very attractive.

      IF AT&T had it’s version called the “Tilt2” available now, I’d already have it. There’s nothing wrong with my HTC Fuze; BUT, it’s my shared belief that the HTC TP2 is the single best smart touch phone available anywhere in the world – bar none.

      Shared belief with 13 Best Buiy & T-Mobile store managers.

      I hope that your computer intellect and logic someday evolves beyond that of a nursary school level.


      I have a doctorate in Cellular Terminology and Technology; so I have a tiny little bit of knowledge of the industry that I’ve been involved with, since before the FCC had issued a type approval for the cellular radio service.


  • Paul Simpson

    Either one has got a nerve calling itself a smartphone when neither has User Selectable Fonts. RIM set the store with smartphone and everyone has jumped at the idea leaving the most important feature out.

  • Louis

    AFAIK, there definitely exists font changing applications for S60 V3, which would logically be ported to the fifth edition if they haven’t been done so already.

  • Simon Sage

    Louis, sure the N97’s performance can be improved by firmware updates, but so can the Touch Pro 2’s. On a relative basis, they cancel each other out since the same difference in ceilings exists.

  • Chris P

    No phone with Windows Mobile should win over Symbian (as bad as S60 is!). WiMo is just a horrible OS.

  • manu

    hy the hell do u talk all this sh*t??? i mean n97 belong to HIGHEND phones so if we use 20 apps at the same time is OK. u get it?

  • afntay

    Why is the resistive screen a big drawback? The main reason that I haven’t chosen an iPhone or any of HTC (or Samsung)’s Android offerings is because of its capacitive screen. Granted, being Asian and requiring a stylus might have something to do with it, but have you even tried using those screens? It just feels so inaccurate using a capacitive touchscreen, especially when it comes down to texting, compared with using a Nokia 5800XM.

    Oh, and please don’t forget to mention that WM mobiles are limited to 65K colour screens – I believe the Nokia screen displays 16M colours.

  • Nokia

    great post, thank you

  • Louis

    How can the lack of HARDWARE features on the Touch Pro 2 be improved on by firmware updates? Kind to enlighten me how a firmware update over the air can drill a 3.5mm jack on your dear HTC, or bring miracles to the tiny camera sensor? Firmware updates solve firmware problems (N97 have ’em), they don’t solve hardware ones (Pro2 has them).

  • rovex

    Your opinion. I like Winmo, it gives you options no other mobile OS gives you. I have big fingers but have no issues with any buttons at any level within touchflo/winmo standard. After 7 symbians the last being the N95 8GB i switched to an HTC Touch HD and never regretted it for a second. The 6.5 energyROM i run is lightening fast compared to the standard, so ROM updates can make a huge difference.

  • Simon Sage

    Louis, firmware certainly can’t change the jack or the camera, that’s why the N97 won the media category. Performance improvements will happen just as much on the Pro2 through firmware updates, however, so the performance gap between these two will remain.

    afntay, handwriting support tends to be a dealbreaker when it comes to choosing between resistive and capacitive. Personally, I find having to use a stylus pretty awkward, especially when you’ve got a full keypad you’ll be using in between – a smart UI will be able to compensate for precision. Good call on the colours, though the Pro2 still wins out on resolution and a bunch of other hardware specs.

  • Stefano Forzoni

    Really cool compare mate! But .. what about the FaceBook status in N97 screenshot? ahahah .. LOL!!!

  • Nish

    Usable specs? Seriously? Hand in your mobile blogger card sir

  • name

    I find this review quite… strange

    Maybe it is there But I could not find info about 64 Gbytes memory available for applications on N97 (internal + card) which to me makes big difference

    also comparison of UI is… strange
    the system which has lags and delays and you have to constantly take out styllus… wins Vs, one that is just… not nice…

    and the fact that “As long as you remember to close applications as you move from Google Maps to YouTube to your Twitter client” still does not prevent touch pro 2 to be a winner (imagine that on your PC you need to close an app to run the orther)

    It looks like to me that reviewer just “slightly” unfamiliar with the UI on N97(i.e. asking about connections can be easily switch off in many if not in all applications) – so I advice to learn a bit more about reviewed device before start a review

    ps. about the blackberry OS being so smart – before taking N97 into my hands I played with one of the new blackberry devices – I put it away after 5 minuts – it was so unintuitive and not “smart” at all Vs any Nokia N60 I had in my hand previously, so I changed to N97

    • ItsNotWhatItSeems

      Uh, Name, what do you now about blackberry in 5 minutes? About which two phone should be on top, well looks to me HTC Touch Pro 2 looks clear to me. Oh by the way I did this in l minute. Just because you own a Nokia doesn’t mean it better than….. Look at me I own a Storm and I love it, but the new HTC Touch Pro 2 came too late.

  • name

    some additioal comments to this… strange review
    how the hell the reviewer could give “hardwere” win to HTC when it is not powerful enough to run the system properly (delays and lags) “As long as you remember to close applications as you move from Google Maps to YouTube to your Twitter client”

    evluation of hardware has only sens if you compare it with system requiurement and,in the end, user experience. HTC has just not enough power for the system while Nokia does

    it is like saying that 700BHP heavy truck has better engine than Ferrari cos it has more power – what is inportant in not power but use of this power

    and another fact about the reviw..
    no mention of fabulous sound guality of attached headphones with remote control (by the way SIGNIFFICANTLY better than any walkmen, ipod, and i phone I have Used)

    etc. etc…

  • Daniel

    This is either a very biast review or otherwise, just very poor. From the spec test the N97 should’ve clearly won hands down on “usable” specs. I refuse to believe that those who wrote this review has used any S60 Nokia in their lives long enough to say they are familiar with what it has to offer. The lack of multitasking on the HTC again having to close applications down before using the next?? The N97 allows clear multitasking and doesn’t slow the phone down dramatically. Poor poor review… I’m heading back over to allaboutsymbian.com

    Seriously guys… and I suppose the Iphone 3GS is better than N97 because it has a virtual keyboard lol!

  • Mickey

    I’ve been using HTC for over 2 years and couldnt do without a slide out qwerty keyboard now, any app i’ve every wanted hasn’t been a problem finding for Windows Mobile. Before HTC I would only ever buy Nokia and now they have brought out the N97 I thought it was time to come back to them but i don’t think i can miss out on the Pro Touch 2.
    If i was younger and used the phone for more music and video the N97 might be the way but to lose so many great apps just so i can be with the in crowd and have the sexy N97 i’m not gonna do it.
    HTC is the only option and with T-Mobile UK not offering it at the moment it looks like i’m gonna have to knock them on the head after 18 years and move over to Vodafone!

  • Georg

    I have just replaced my TytnII with the Touch Pro 2 – great device!! I also had a Nokia N95 but I was not satisfied with Symbian

  • Coppertop

    I for one think this is a good review. I have been waiting for the TP2’s release since I first caught wind of it several months ago. For those of you whining about not being able to multitask on the WinMo platform, try it. I do it everyday on my my Touch Pro. I dont experience the crashing or lagging as described. And bitching because you have to close an app? You eventually need to close apps on every phone or you will run out of memory. Thats where the REAL “usable” specs come into play. Like faster processor and more RAM. Not a better camera and headphone jack. Remember, these are phones first. If I want to take some super high quality pics, ill use my digital camera because thats what its made to do. The WinMo platform is a bit old, I agree. But, there is still a LOT that it can do.

    Louis- You sound like youre upset because your phone wasnt choosen as the winner. Get over it and grow up. If your phone suites your needs you should be happy. Choosing fonts a winning/required feature? Get real. By the way, my Sprint Touch Pro 2 will have a 3.5mm jack 🙂

  • Coppertop

    Louis – “Why the hell do you need so much RAM/ROM and a faster processor, when you can multitask smoothly on any S60 device? Is the extra RAM really necessary? Or is it purely for precautionary purposes? Faster processor? Just an illusion for faster speeds, period.”

    As an after thought, would you buy a computer that only has the minimum hardware to meet the minimum requirements of your programs? Doubtful. Same applies here.

  • Jeno

    Dont say that htc tp2 lacks a 3.5mm audio jack. A converter is more than enough!! u can keep it plugged in our headset. that is wht i do. And Win mo is more like a PC not a mobile. but symb. is more like an ordinary mobile. so winmo needs more powerful processor and ram and i have experienced with nokia already and planned not to buy nokia at any cost.
    What would you buy a car with better speed or car with lower speed?
    And user interface is unmatchable. Touch flo 3d is a generation ahead of nokia

  • Sidxox

    upto how many mb expansion does the htc touchpro2 support ?
    im usin an 8gb card at the moment..upto how many can i increase it WITHOUT affecting the phones performance ?

  • victoryous monsteis

    Come On. WHO KNOWS SYMBYAN OS? who knows windows OS? Most People Use windows… and windows mobile will get better on the version 7. and HTC and windows APPS …. tons and tons of apps for windows mobile… i dont See NADDA for SYmbian compared to windows…..touch pro all the way

  • Jeno

    U can extend upto 16gb without affecting the performance in HTC tytn 2 itself. So i think u can use 32 gb without any drop performance in your touch pro 2 i guess.(remember tytn2 was 2007 release it supports till 32gb and its running superbly with 16gb card and i didnt try 32gb )HTC miles ahead of Nokia(fact).

  • Aldog

    HTC for me but opinions are like ***holes…everyone have one and most stink…

  • RobertWwa

    Two questions, anyone can help ?
    1. I have over 3k contacts on my e90 now (some with pictures) hanging once a day, is N97 or HTC P2 storing contacts on external memory ? If not which one will perform better ?

    2. Video calls with Skype, would be supported earlier on P2 or N97…or N900 ?

  • BenjiJK

    I was a little disappointed at the review, personally. Nokia N97 is a great phone, it is currently in need of a few bug fixes from nokia, but they’ve already released news about a firmware 2.0 for the N97 due next month.

    I can run more than 7 applications at the same time on the n97 without any of them slowing down on performance. The phone does great even with the little RAM that it has. The battery will last for two days with internet running all the time, and minimal calls, moderate use.

    The keyboard was a disappointment initially, but I got over it in 2 days, and learned quickly enough to adapt to the layout of the keys. And I think, everyone will take a while to adapt to a new keyboard layout within a few uses, and that is not a reason to discredit a phone.

    The phone responds quick to almost everything you expect from it, except for the occasional crashes. When setup properly, the N97 runs great. I am a sound engineer and musician, and the sound quality of the provided headphones are great, the usability is excellent, with the controls on the headset, etc.

    The only drawback currently in my book for the N97 would be the lack of proper cut and paste support from the web browser. Nokia and Symbian are driving me nuts with that. I had the E90 prior to the N97 and same problem. Ridiculous!! And now Nokia’s picked up Maemo and Linux with the N900, no idea where they’re going with that. Are they going to drop Symbian??

    One warning however, and this may go for all touchscreen phones. The N97 is useless without the touchscreen as in it won’t even answer a call, cos that’s touchscreen. Mine mysteriously broke even after being perfectly cared for. I noticed a very tiny crack under the screen, and I have no idea how it got there. So I don’t know about the build quality of the touchscreen on the Nokia N97, and this is not a comparison, however, this is something companies should think about with touchscreen phones. How do you make them strong, durable and able to withstand significant amounts of pressure?

    Personally I wish phone companies would learn from the Apple example. Make one product, focus on making it perfect and keep it stable. This way app developers can continue making apps that will certainly be compatible. This also allows for good support, less confusion among users, and way less expense in terms of production.

  • Voleure

    Ram and faster processor is very important!!!! Louis what kind of idiot are you not wanting more!

    I mean when look how Windows Vista takes advantage of way more Gigabytes of RAM!!!

    I laugh at those people running Linux smoothly with terribly inferior processors and ram. My Vista uses 6Gb of ram currently and a quad core still is not as fast opening windows but I can always add more ram.

    Leave the OP alone with his God given right to have more processor speed and ram with his Windows Mobile device.

    Voleure 😉

  • Vebryto

    I bought a nokia N97, and then i installed Gdesk, so i can use the HTC touch skin (looks perfectly the same with the real one), so i get both of the gadgets!
    but i think, i really need a bigger RAM, because when i install a big software and the software enable to auto start, my N97 gets hang!! and i have to repair it, so both handset above have their own positive and negative things!


  • lol

    it is obvious to anyone who has handled the TP2 that if you aren’t feeling it, then you are obviously a homosexual.

  • omarkh

    HTC TP2 is solid. It’s a man’s phone. I like the weight, and I can definitely kill a dog with it (that is about ten years from now when it becomes obsolete).That’s how I rate the hardware…

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