PopCap Games Developing for webOS and Android


Pre and Android owners that are wanting, hoping and wishing for more game action on webOS and Android will be pleased with this news. Latest word is that PopCap Games has ‘games in the works’ for both the Pre and Android. Groovy.

Pixels to Polygons recently had a conversation with Senior PR man for PopCap games Garth Chouteau… In that discussion he commented on the future of the company, and the direction they’re headed in the mobile gaming scene:

We have plans to support the Pre, as well as Android. There are games in the works for those devices. But it is certainly a kind of splintering of the market in some ways. I guess what I would say is, we think about platforms or prospective platforms in a couple of ways. One is: is this device right for one or more of our games? Is this the right kind of device for our games? Will it be a fun experience, and frankly as fun as it is on other platforms? And also, what is the audience for this particular device? And then certainly, but certainly not insignificantly, what is the install base?

That’s a lot of questions Garth… Hope you guys have already figured out the answers! At any rate, this news means games like Zuma and Peggle (oh, I love Peggle) will be on the Pre and many Android devices before you know it. Good stuff!

[Via: PreCentral]

  • neoDite

    Over a year later and still no games from popcap….

    What a joke!

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