Sony Ericsson’s Android User Interface Caught on Video?

So, many of you are probably still slobbering over the new Android-packing Xperia, code-named Rachael. How would y’all like a look at the OS? Not the Android you remember, is it?

There are a lot of interesting apps showing up in this demo, including preloaded AIM, Wikipedia, WordPress and Skype. DroidWord looks unfamiliar, as do TimeScape and MediaScape, but they could just be development tools. By far, the sickest feature so far is the way contacts are displayed as a pile of cards, and sideways swipes allow you to browse through twitter and Facebook categories. Threaded SMS is a go, and again, side-swipes let you switch to e-mails, calls, twitter and Facebook profiles for the active contact. It’s been cool seeing what HTC was able to do with Android’s user interface, but it’s still very similar to the default Google UI – Sony Ericsson, however, has created something drastically different with their efforts shown here. Righteous, indeed – let’s just hope it’s not some enterprising concept by an outside designer.

[via Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog]

  • James Falconer

    VERY slick… very slick indeed…

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    all bling, no substance

  • James Falconer

    C’mon Stefan, bling is fun 🙂

    Would be nice to get my hands on this build to try it out first-hand. Maybe it’s steaming garbage… hard to tell.

  • JF Sebastian

    Device due Q1. You see Timescape in the video. It’s a an app not an entire UI replacing the Andriod one. User can turn it off.

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