Attention O2 Germany customers who purchased the Toshiba TG01: Your device is infected

The Toshiba TG01, which is the fastest Windows Mobile device on the planet thanks to the 1 GHz Qualcomm processor inside, is being sold in Germany via O2 with a virus conveniently pre-installed says O2 spokesman Albert Fetscher. How this happened is anyone’s guess, and of course O2 is saying this impacts few devices. If you’ve purchased this device via O2 Germany, go ahead and call customer service. I only have one question for O2: are you going to check any other territories where you’ve sold the G01? You’re a huge operator after all.

Will got a chance to play with the TG01 at Mobile World Congress 2009, check out his video and photos.

[Via: Engadget Mobile, Unwired View, Inside-Handy]

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