Maemo 5 Beta 2 SDK released

Nokia has released the second beta version of the Maemo 5 SDK, fixing many bugs reported by developers. Combined with the recent improvements in the Fremantle Extras repository, this release reportedly provide a solid basis to get software ready for the Maemo 5 final release.

Speaking of the Extras repository, it is the main channel of distribution of the Maemo community. The along with Nokia are working in the implementation of a quality assurance process based on automated tests and the evaluations of beta testers. The Extras auto-builder is now synced with the Beta 2 SDK content and an automated testing process makes sure the packages uploaded fulfill the most basic functional requirements before being promoted to extras-testing.

Other features of the release include the possibility to develop Status Area plugins, and the update of the developer documentation in editable wiki pages is ready to receive contributions from developers.

Maemo’s website has more details and from there you can grab the latest version of the SDK.

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