Verizon hurrying 4G LTE network deployment for Q1 2010?

verizon-logo-11Verizon Wireless is already working on their next-generation 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless network, with plans to light up part of the network in 2010. That much we already knew. Today, we’re hearing new reports that have Big Red allegedly putting some serious resources into deploying their LTE network sooner than expected.. According to a “knowledgeable” source, TechCrunch is reporting that Verizon is boosting their efforts to launch LTE in Q1 2010 in several key US markets.

Verizon Wireless’s latest plans have the carrier aiming to bring LTE online in the second half of 2010. Today’s rumor would bump up that launch window to the first quarter of 2010, which would beat MetroPCS to market. LTE testing has already shown impressive data speeds (the kind that would put the Clear WiMAX network’s 6Mbps rates to shame), so it’s entirely feasible that VZW would look to cash in on the data cash-cow as soon as possible.

At this time, the Verizon LTE launch rumors are just that, rumors. There’s no question that the US will see LTE become a reality in 2010, but whether we see it happen in the first half or second half of 2010 still remains to be seen. Ball’s in your court, Verizon!

[Via: TechCrunch]

  • robert

    Verizon sucks! 4G network?? WTF? I still have copper landline and our 3G wireless is working at 500 bites per second!! We are 12 miles away from Charlottesville, VA and 60 miles West from Richmond! Is this the end of the world? For Verizon it is! Not enough ca$h for those greedy b’tards! This is what we get for being under historical easement, close to Montpelier and famous Barboursville Vineyards! Of course, there is no Unions here so any “stimulus” money is not very likely! AT&T and Sprint don’t offer any coverage here either! True monopoly! VA IT czar was just appointed first Minister of Technology by our President! In four years he wasn’t able to help us a bit, so I just wonder how much he can help the Country!

  • Brian Pua

    Verizon has the best 3G coverage in the U.S. By them upgrading to 4G will be even better. $g will make more data available for the consumer which is really great! Also with the possiblity of Verizon getting the iphone verizon is the superior network and will have the surperior phone with will make the best choice in wireless needs! You go Verizon

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