Globaltel Media Enhances Alirti with Mobile Video Capabilities

globaltel-logoGlobaltel Media, the first company to provide has announced new capabilities in its Alirti product that enable the delivery of full video content via SMS text messaging to video capable wireless devices without paying high-cost carrier premiums.

Alirti Video Capabilities are as follows:

  • Building on Alirti’s ability to send images and audio files as SMS text messages, Globaltel Media has enabled the delivery of video from online computers to any video capable mobile device.
  • Most mobile video delivery services must render video content according to the device type, operating system, application suite, data plan and screen size of the mobile handset.  Because Alirti videos and any Globaltel Media-hosted electronic content are sent as embedded URL links in an SMS text message, rendering is performed automatically by the wireless carrier when accessing the electronic content.
  • Alirti videos are received by mobile devices as a standard text charge for SMS messages, not as Premium SMS that often costs a minimum of $1.99 regardless of whether the subscriber has an unlimited text plan.
  • Alirti makes video content viral because the mobile user can forward the Alirti text video link to colleagues, friends and family.
  • All Globaltel Media applications are fully compliant with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and certified on all US cellular carriers.
  • Globaltel Media does not charge any set-up or maintenance fees to use the Alirti system. Resellers enter into a bulk messaging agreement so mobile
  • users are not charged for the service other than as a standard text message.
  • Alirti videos may be viewed on any WAP-enabled or Internet-enabled mobile device that supports standard video formats such as MP4.

What do we think? Well if you want to know more, then check out Globaltel here.

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