The case for, and against, Apple: It doesn’t matter

Jason Calacanis posted 2400+ words about why he is pissed off at Apple.

MG Siegler posted 3600+ words about why Jason’s reasons for being pissed off at Apple are the very reasons why Apple is successful today.

When people ask me what platform I use and why, I say: “I use a Windows computer. I don’t care what you use. Let us talk about something else.”

It really doesn’t matter people. Computers and mobile phones, they’re just tools. What you do with the tools will always be more important than the tool itself. Period.

Windows, PC, Linux, Windows Mobile, iPhone, S60, webOS, none of them matter.

You matter.

Remember that.

  • Uh huh

    I feel so empowered after reading this. And now … I’m going to go change the world!!!

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