Nimbuzz Launched on Android

Nimbuzz, a popular social networking app for iPhone, Windows Mobile and S60, has wriggling its way onto the Android Market. Skype, Facebook, GTalk, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger and more are all available through Nimbuzz. A particularly unique feature is location support – allowing to share your where with friends online. On top of that, additional support is available for regional social networks which would probably never get the opportunity to go mobile. For the Android version of Nimbuzz in particular, we have a few new features, but the main one is the long-press to launch a chat; a tap will just open up their profile. If you’re interested, check out Nimbuzz for more info, or look it up in the Android Market on your device.

  • DJ

    you meant: Nimbuzz released a chat only client for Android.

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