J.D. Power: US wireless carriers service improved

In the world of wireless cellular service, having good call quality makes a big difference. Nobody wants to deal with dropped calls, echoes and static when they’re talking on the phone. Unfortunately, crappy cellphone calls are just part of the game. But, according to J.D. Power and Associates, US carriers are getting better at serving up quality cellular service. A new report from the market research firm shows that wireless service in general has been getting better, especially when it comes to fewer dropped calls, failed connections and static.

When it comes to the highest quality cellphone service in the US, Verizon Wireless leads the pack, earning the No. 1 spot in four of the six US regions. The western region saw Verizon Wireless tied with T-Mobile and Alltel. All three carriers were tied with a score of 10 – representing 10 call-quality complaints per 100 complaint calls. Like golf, a lower score is better. Unfortunately for AT&T and Sprint Nextel, JD Power gave them both a score of 13.

JD Power’s semi-annual regional call-quality ratings are based on scores in seven key call quality issues: dropped calls, static and interference, failures to connect, echoes, voicemail delays, text message delays and distortion. The report shows that, “as carriers continue to upgrade existing network infrastructure and create more robust coverage footprints, wireless customers are recognizing an improvement in performance.” But, “as customers continue to increasingly stress wireless networks with growing call volume and data usage for texting, emailing and surfing the mobile web, it is critical for carriers to keep enhancing network performance by maintaining and upgrading to next-generation technologies [emphasis added].”

You reading this, AT&T?

[Via: MobileBurn]

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