FlyScreen: Taking the definition of “Lock Screen” and deforming it into something it should not be

Having a mobile phone in your pocket has some potentially negative consequences. If you don’t lock your device, you may accidentally call/text someone. Locking your device is essential if you have a phone with keys, and for those of you with a touch screen device it prevents that precious back light from turning on and sucking up precious battery life. Enter FlyScreen, an application created by an an Israeli startup called Cellogic, that replaces the lock screen on your Android device with a few widgets that you can play with while your mobile phone is locked. So now instead of locking your device to prevent missed calls and unnecessary power drain, you can install this and have your mobile phone go online every few minute to refresh some widgets and have your screen light up in your pocket, even though your device is locked, just to read a breaking news report from TMZ that Britney Spears has accidentally revealed her vagina again.

Useless. If you do want it, click the link below to TechCrunch who have a promo code for the first 1000 people interested.

[Via: TechCrunch]

  • Itamar

    I like the ending 😉

    But have you tried it yet? It still locks the phone buddy, there won’t be any accidental calls/texts!

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      but the backlight still turns on.

      • Itamar

        Yea, but for the same amount of time as the regular lock screen would. You haven’t tried the android version, right?

        • Stefan Constantinescu

          Nope. Now that I’ve disclosed that, are you going to tell people you work for Cellogic?

          • Itamar

            Of course I do! I was just wondering, because you’re more than welcome to sign up and actually try it! 🙂

  • jonahu

    Really Stefan – this write-up of yours is useless considering you’ve never even tried FlyScreen.

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