Nokia N900 image samples leak out to the internet

The Nokia N900 is now official, but you bet while the folks at Nokia have been laboring over a hot laptop, one of their test use cases was image uploading to Flickr and Ovi. Thank Mark again from The Nokia Blog for periodically checking Flickr to find out if there are any photos taken with unannounced hardware, or hardware that isn’t shipping. Check out some of the Nokia N900 image samples below. Remember: this is a prototype and the software is not final! That explains why a lot of the photos are wide screen, and only the more recent ones are actually using the full 5 megapixel sensor.

8 more after the jump.

  • toorop

    How about 8 megapixels and xenon? No? Good By Nokia N900….

  • Marius

    very good quality. Nice. And I believe that there is no need for 8mpx sensor, it’s more than enough for normal photos…

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