T-Mobile BlackBerry 9700 Bold (Onyx) Press Shot Leaks

We’ve pretty much all seen the fuzzy pictures of the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9700, codenamed Onyx, but nothing beats the sharpness of a rendered press shot. Once the marketing materials start surfacing for a phone, it’s safe to assume the final touches are being made, but T-Mobile is still calling it the Onyx, so we still have some time. This accompanying blurb gives us an idea of what to expect in terms of services:

“The BlackBerry ‘Onyx’ sports a premium experience and design with a high-gloss black finish and leather grain detail on the back. Boasting features such as high-speed 3G Web browsing, Wi-Fi calling, visual voicemail and support for corporate and personal e-mail options, the ‘Onyx’ will satisfy all your on-the-go needs. Also the phone comes preloaded with mobile applications from BlackBerry App World, including Amazon MP3 store for quick and easy music downloads and TeleNav GPS Navigator for turn-by-turn directions.”

Visual voicemail is a definite bonus, and would give T-Mobile quite the leg-up if they can offer it before AT&T can get their crap together and fix VVM on the Bold, although AT&T will be getting the 9700, presumably around the same time with the same service. If you’re hankering to replace your BlackBerry 9000, the rumoured timeframe for a launch is early November, just like Rogers.

[via CIO]

  • RicoTico7

    I want it. Been waiting to replace my Pearl since April. I want my 3G Blackberry. Hurry Up and Get Here.

  • Cb

    Please hurry! Not sure how much more i can take of ATT. Love the iphone but the $300 phone bills are killing me.

  • Bubbasan

    If you pay $300 for a phone bill every month you are either rich with disposable income (and then it is fine if you want to waste your money) or a stupid poser. I’m guessing the latter.
    Who the hell needs a bill that high huh Rockefeller?
    I have been waiting for the right phone at the right price.
    I have a generation ONE RAZR and it is fine as I have a laptop and a PDA and an iPod.
    The fact that you need something to deliver your message of prestige as such is just plain sad.

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