T-Mobile HSPA+ Rolls Out in Philedelphia, Nationwide by 2010

For those getting jealous of Rogers’ HSPA+ service north of the border, you can relax – T-Mobile let out at 4G World that they’ve already covered parts of Philedelphia in HSPA+ and have plans to cover the rest of their 3G footprint with 21 Mbps capabilities by 2010. At the very same conference, AT&T said they’re more interested in getting global 7.2 Mbps first, then making the jump to LTE. T-Mobile still has a ways to go with their 3G support, let alone HSPA+, so it does feel like they’re rushing things just a little bit. Regardless, it should make for an interesting decision for U.S. consumers picking between GSM carriers… Go with one that has higher data speeds in fewer locations, or decent speeds whereever you go? It’s a bit of a non-issue right now since the selection HSPA+ devices is slim, but when that portfolio grows, T-Mobile will have the network to support them.

[via FierceWireless]

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