UK: Orange goes loud with iPhone 3GS!


Well it was going to happen sooner or later …

O2 don’t got no exclusive no more, no, no, no – it’s somewhat of a free-for-all now with the iPhone it seems, with Orange getting their cake and eating it first. When, did I hear you say? Ah, well, that’s not really clear – but if O2 had a 2-year exclusive, that would make it November this year, assuming my memory serves me right 🙂

For right now, you can register your interest here.

What I am more interested in right now though is what the tariff(s) are going to be, how much the device will cost, and a killer point – which other networks are going to get the iPhone. There have been rumours about T-Mobile and the iPhone for some time now, and given the JV between Orange and T-Mobile, I think it’s pretty much a cert. So Vodafone and 3, where you at?

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