Borders teams up with Verizon for free in-store WiFi

borders-logoBarnes & Noble has become the premier mega-bookstore drawing hoards of “customers” to its magazine shelves with free WiFi access. B&N’s deal with AT&T, allows patrons to surf the interwebs with abandon. Borders isn’t going to let it go down like that. The other book retailer has just announced that they’ve partnered up with Verizon to provide free WiFi in nearly all of its 500+ Borders bookstores in the US.

Borders is already working to equip its stores with WiFi networks. “By offering free Wi-Fi, we are extending the open atmosphere of exploration that is at the core of every great bookstore experience and furthering the sense of community we have always fostered at Borders,” says Borders Group Chief Executive Officer Ron Marshall.

The book-seller should start to see more customers loitering around its stores as it rolls out its free WiFi service in mid-October.

[Via: PRNewswire]

  • Dave moss

    It ain’t working with my 2g iPhone very well.

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