White BlackBerry Bold Coming to AT&T

BlackBerry-WhiteBoldAftermarket white BlackBerry Bold housing has been available for awhile to the adventurous sort who could stomach dismantling their expensive smartphone, but soon new buyers on AT&T will be able to pick up a device straight-up without that headache. Internal inventory is showing a white version of the original BlackBerry Bold (9000), suggesting a release real soon-like. It’s good to see RIM won’t be ditching ol’ faithful for the newer, slimmer, sexier Onyx 9700 – hopefully we’ll see the 9000 getting a series of refreshes and continued support on par with the Pearl lineup. Aside from colour options, the old Bold will likely need a significant price cut if it intends to sit next to the 9700 without any shame…

[via BGR, pic]

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