Canabalt Runs, Skips, And Jumps To iPhone App Store

Canabalt iPhone

IntoMobile readers, meet Canabalt.  Canabalt, this here be IntoMobile.  Now that we’ve got all of these pleasantries out of the way, allow me to inform you, the reader, why Canabalt will take over your life now that it’s available on the App Store.

Canabalt is a game with a simple premise: see how far you can get while avoiding obstacles.  The premise is made even more simple when the game only has one button which allows the player to jump.  The game also has a simplified black & white graphics scheme that comes to life with the animations that take place such as pigeons flying from the rooftop as you run past them.

With such a simple game design like that, it’s safe to say this is one game that’s well worth your $2.99.

[iTunes Link]

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