BlackBerry ‘Dakota’ To Utilize Liquid Lens Technology

fluid_lens_technologyIt’s been a really productive weekend on the BlackBerry scene. Lots of news and rumors, including the info below.

Seems as though BlackBerry super-ninja Salomondrin managed to snipe more details on the upcoming BlackBerry ‘Dakota’. You might recall this device, also known as the ‘Magnum‘. While no images or spec lists have been made available of the Dakota just yet, rumor has it that the GSM device will be RIM’s first ‘hybrid’ BlackBerry of sorts… with a touchscreen, trackpad, and full QWERTY keyboard. But that’s not the big news here. Latest word on the Dakota details that the upcoming device may use ‘liquid lens’ technology for its camera. The new lens would have no moving parts, and would mimic how the human eye works to focus on objects. Interesting, no?

You can read more about ‘liquid lens’ technology right here.

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