Derek Jeter Real Baseball Will Soon Bring America’s Past Time To iPhone

As a Cuban-American, Baseball has always been a sport that I have a deep passion for.  Not only is it America’s past time, but it’s also a beloved sport for Cubans.  You can’t go a day walking through Havana without hearing a couple of Cubans discussing Baseball passionately, which usually includes a lot of arm flailing and cursing at one another.

Gameloft announced Derek Jeter Real Baseball will soon be hitting the Apple App Store this month.  The game currently is the best looking baseball sim available on the App Store, with all characters in full 3D as well as stadiums.  The realism doesn’t stop there as Derek Jeter Real Baseball features audio commentary and fan reactions to your plays.  Not only could you feel like a jerk for letting a fly ball go over your head, but fans and the announcers will also make sure you are aware of your apparent jerkiness.

  • Ken

    I dub thee Sellout!

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