Hands-on with the Android-powered Samsung Moment


Samsung has officially gone Android. Today, at the CTIA WITE 2009 conference in beautiful San Diego, Samsung unveiled the Samsung Moment as their first Android phone to hit market. The Moment features a 3.2-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 3.2-megapixel camera (with autofocus and LED flash), slide-out QWERTY keyboard, GPS, WiFi and an optical mouse. There’s also a speedy 800Mhz processor lying within, ready to crunch numbers like it’s nobody’s business. The Moment will be only the third Android phone to sport a physical keyboard when it launches, putting in league with the HTC G1 and the Motorola CLIQ. Talk about being in good company. But, the real question is how does the Samsung Moment measure up?

We had a chance to put hands on the Samsung Moment, and it holds its own against the CLIQ. The keyboard slides out with smooth confidence. The camera is decent, especially considering it only packs a little over 3 million pixels onto its image sensor. The keyboard keys are a little small for our tastes, but provides reassuring tactile feedback.

Samsung will be bringing the Samsung Moment to Sprint on November 1st for $179.99 (after $50 instant savings and $100 MIR) when purchased with new 2-year contract. Check out the video and photo gallery below for a preview look at the Samsung Moment.

Hands-on with the Samsung Moment from IntoMobile on Vimeo.

  • jerry

    Is there any sort of virtual keyboard when in portrait mode?

    I don’t understand why I can’t have a virtual keyboard in portrait mode and a hardware keyboard in landscape mode.

    I returned the Pre because it didn’t have any keyboard in landscape mode (and it’s physical keyboard was the puke.)

    By the way, I think you’re very brave showing off what are clearly hesitation marks on your wrist. I hope you got help after your suicide attempt, and I think it’s great you are working today.

    • Nykia

      Actually that’s a tattoo -_-

  • manu

    cool. now i need 5-8 mpx, xenon flash, led, FM radio receiver, recorder, transmitter, WVGA screen resolution, frontal camera and i think i would buy it.

  • Dominik

    I’ve got to compare this to the Hero once it drops.

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