Slacker Radio Coming to Android and Windows Mobile

Slacker, a great music app for BlackBerry and iPhone, will be launching on Android and Windows Mobile tomorrow, allowing you to browse, favourite, and discover music on your smartphone. The launch will come with some new Twitter integration which will let you tweet whenever you favourite a new track, and share a link to the station you’re listening to so your followers can take a listen for themselves. While Slacker might lack the immediate convenience of over the air downloads, its sideloading setup allows for much higher-quality tracks. Just like the previous versions, the app will be free to download, but of course you’ll always have the option to buy the tracks to do what you will with. Licensing issues are still a thorn in Slacker’s side; if you live anywhere other than the U.S., you won’t be able to use the service. Otherwise, take a look at Slacker, and keep an eye on their mobile app page for some fresh goodies tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Slight miscommunication. It’s only the twitter feature launching today – Android and Windows Mobile will be arriving at a later, undisclosed date.

  • Andrew

    Is there a way to sign up for a notification for when the WinMo version does come out?

  • Ned

    Man…. I need Slacker for Windows Mobile!

  • Anthony

    I spoke to Charles B (live customer service rep via chat) & they (Slacker) have no clue when this will become available to Windows Mobile or Android devices…

    This is our chat below

    Charles B. (Listening)

    Chat Dialog
    Charles B.: Hi, my name is Charles B.. How may I help you?
    Anthony : Hello, I just have to say I LOVE Slacker however I just switched from a Blackberry to a Windows based device (HTC Touch Pro 2/Sprint) and was curious when there will be an application for Slacker on this type of device. I was considering a subscription but if there isnt an application then it will have to wait another 2 years 🙁
    Anthony : until I can get another Blackbery
    Anthony : are you there?
    Charles B.: We will have a WinMo app in the near future but do not have a timeframe at this point for an exact date.
    Anthony Douglas: not even an estimate like maybe by the end of this year?
    Charles B.: By the end of this year is the target point right now
    Anthony : ok well if so then I will get a subscription for myself for Christmas…otherwise I will have to renew in Jan (again) to Sirius/XM
    Anthony : but thank you for the information
    Anthony : I am keeping my fingers crossed
    Charles B.: Thank you for using Slacker Live Chat Support.
    Have a wonderful day

  • WinMo Guy

    It sucks doesn’t it. If ur a true WinMo user u will find it, it’s out there. Take my word for it 😉

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