Look up girls’ skirts with the Puff! iPhone app

Puff! iPhone app

Not sure whether to classify this under the NSFW umbrella, so just in case make sure to check out a video bellow when you’re at home or at least when there are no female coworkers around.

Anyway, Puff! is a simple application that allows you to look up (cute Japanese) girls’ skirts. You can use either your lungs and blow to the iPhone’s mic or tap multiple times to “achieve the goal.” The harder you blow, the higher the skirt.

There are three girls featured in Puff!, and three locations – office, park and a bar. The price is 99 cents and you can grab the app from here. But before you do so, make sure to check out the mentioned video after the jump. Enjoy! 😉

[Via: TheHuffingtonPost]

  • scara

    can u please send me the app in to my email id “pmrahoof@gmail.com” ??

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