MobileMe data falling into strangers’ hands?

Your MobileMe data isn’t as private as you probably thought it was. Following on T-Mobile’s own cloud-service fiasco, a MobileMe service registration/renewal bug has been discovered that could possibly open up your contacts and calendar data to complete strangers, according to TUAW. At least one user was served up several different MobileMe accounts during their subscription renewal process. The user logged off and back onto his MobileMe account while renewing his MobileMe service, and found some strange contacts data on his screen. He logged off and back on again, only be served with yet another MobileMe account.

The mis-delivered MobileMe data is reportedly real and presumably linked to other MobileMe users. The bug seems to go away on its own once the user is done renewing their subscription. But, the problem is that even a fleeting glimpse of another person’s MobileMe account could give nefarious types all they need to wreak some havoc. Data like this is and should be kept as private as possible, but Apple has yet to issue an official response on the matter.

I’m going to let my MobileMe account expire. With Google Sync allowing me to keep my contacts and calendar data synced to the cloud, why would I pay $100 a year for Apple’s service. Oh, because MobileMe offers push email, you say? Check this out.

[Via: TUAW]

  • Ronald

    Oh…, Will… Just pen the article already. You hate all things apple because you are a rebel. Then you can move on and write about something know one cares about. Trouble is you won’t get any hits, Will the rebel.

  • Grawl!x

    Duh…because MobileMe lets you do a lot more than just synch email, calendar and contacts.

    It also:
    1. Synchs information between your Macs, Windows PCs, your iPhone and the web:
    a) Your documents.
    b) Other databases such as Yojimbo, TextExpander, etc.
    c) Bookmarks.
    d) Notes.
    e) Preferences.
    f) Dashboard Widgets.
    g) Keychains
    h) Dock items.
    2. Finds or wipes your lost/stolen iPhone.
    3. Provides a bunch of online storage.
    4. Provides secure remote access to your Macs via the web.


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