Giant ‘Eclair’ Arrives on Google Campus


A quickie here for the Android users/fans in the house. Looks like the team at the Google just had a new ‘Eclair’ delivered to their campus. As you can see in the videos after the jump (3 quick videos), the Eclair has joined ‘Cupcake’, ‘Robot’ and ‘Donut’ on the scene. At any rate, now that the official ‘Eclair’ has arrived, I think we can look forward to Android 2.0 coming down the pipes soon. 1.6 is good and all, but won’t 2.0 be sweeter? Sweet like an Eclair?

Check out the videos after the jump (it’ll only take you a minute). That eclair looks delicious.

[Via: TechCrunch]

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    fucking brilliant!

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