Palm Pre goes live in the UK – less promo than iPhone had

palm-pre-o2Yep, today was/is the day when the Palm pre goes live in the UK, and you can get your grubby/clean (I don’t know what your personal hygiene is like, do I?) mitts on one.

I figured it might be interesting to go take a wander to the local O2 shop in Staines at lunchtime, to see how much the Promo effort was in full swing – and what I actually was confronted with was Samsung Genio posters in the shop window – harrumph!

On looking around a bit more, I managed to find two videos promotions running on PDPs at the back of the store – not exactly ‘front of house’! A nice comparison is what happened when the iPhone 3GS launched – they had posters everywhere, in all O2 shops… so this tells me that either O2 aren’t expecting as much interest, or who knows – maybe they spent all of their print media budget and can’t make any more posters 😉

On a marginally more serious note, it’s good to finally see Europe getting the Palm Pre – now if only Palm’s PR company in the UK would respond to our emails and give us a device or two to trial… (hint hint Palm PR!).

At any rate, if you want to check out more about the device and the tariffs, head on over to the O2 landing page here.

[Image via: O2]

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