Popular Mechanics picks Palm Pre as one of 2009’s top gadgets

palm-pre-sprint-open-sideThe Palm Pre is a great smartphone. It features some of the highest-end technology you can expect from any smartphone today – capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch, gesture controls, wireless (inductive) charging, true multi-tasking support and more. The Pre is also seen as the best alternative to the iPhone 3GS. So, it’s no wonder Popular Mechanics has named the Palm Pre one of “The 10 Most Brilliant Products of 2009.”

Unfortunately, no amount of praise is going to boost Palm’s ailing bottom line. The Palm Pre was touted as Palm’s answer to the struggling smartphone maker’s dwindling market share, but has yet to see the Pre capture consumer minds in the same way the iPhone has done for the past few years. But, with encouraging interest from the UK market, Palm might see the Pre out-performing the iPhone on O2’s network.

[Via: PopularMechanics]

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