BlackBerry Storm2 Review


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I cover BlackBerry products pretty thoroughly, and I do my damnedest not to come off as a fanboy – generally, there’s always something that’s pretty obviously wrong with every device. A missing feature here, a bug there, but so far I’m having a really hard time finding anything to nag about with the Storm2. Connectivity-wise, Verizon will have you covered when at home, and world-roaming capabilities will keep you hooked up on GSM networks if the need arises; the Storm2 is also the first CDMA BlackBerry with Wi-Fi, so that’s no longer an issue, GPS and stereo Bluetooth is in there, too… Media-wise you have a generous screen, a decent camera with flash and video recording, an expandable memory card slot and 3.5mm headphone jack for audiophiles… As for communication tools, you have tight partnerships with Facebook, MySpace, and soon Twitter, as well as best-in-class enterprise e-mail… As for style, you have RIM’s latest in design and downright powerful brand name…  When it comes to hard specs, you’ve got a faster processor and twice as much app memory as the original Storm… I might find something to nag about on the Storm2 after putting it through the gauntlet (check back next week for an update), but right now, I just really like this thing. All of the gaps have been plugged.

The only complaints I imagine one could have with this phone are inherent in its design, like if the SurePress keyboard isn’t your thing, or you don’t like the App World prices/selection, or you don’t use e-mail that much.The attitude of Verizon’s CEO that this is the phone the original Storm should have been is dead on, and I really don’t begrudge RIM for taking one device to get the SurePress technology user-friendly and enjoyable. At very least, the Storm2 is a worthwhile follow-up to an interesting (but poorly executed) idea; at best, it’s realizing RIM’s vision of the future of slate touchscreen smartphones.

If you weren’t sold on the original Storm because of SurePress, you probably won’t be interested in this one either. However, if you were on the fence and were just not quite all the way happy with the 9500, take a look at the Storm2 – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • tuber

    Where the hell is part 3?

  • nothing

    I held off on the first storm, I just cant get a phone unless it has wifi, verizon’s network is great, but I have FIOS, so the storm2 having wifi makes all the difference

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