Nokia is planning something on Thursday in London

Nokia (NYSE: NOK)’s word of mouth marketing team are up to their silly little tricks again, this time staging an event in London for a select group of 10 mobile bloggers this Thursday. The invitation is one big arrow shaped box and comes with a Nokia N97 inside. “The Nokia Signpost opening on the 23rd of October” sounds like it has something to do with the “Ovi Prime Place” trademark we heard about earlier today. All you have to know is to come back to IntoMobile come Friday to get the details on what’s going on 🙂 Good Luck to Nokia’s PR team competing with Microsoft’s PR team who are going to be launching the next version of Windows that very same day.

Update: This picture is also being sent to various Nokia bloggers:

Update: Now we have an exact time and date:

  • Chris P

    Seems like some sort of ovi maps ‘premium’. Really not sure how they can compete with google..

  • Mace


    Well, Nokia owns Navteq which is the best map supplier, maybe it brings some advantage?

    Ovi Maps in mobile is better than Google Maps simple because you can download the Ovi maps beforehand to your Nokia device mass memory. This means that there is no need to download the maps over the air during the navigation. The Google Maps UI might be a bit better now, but Nokia is getting closer.

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