RIM Actively Seeking WebKit Developers


When RIM acquired Torch Mobile, I think all of us on the BlackBerry scene were convinced Waterloo had big plans for its mobile browser… and with good reason, as in my opinion, the thing needs a LOT of work. With that in mind, RIM may have accidentally (or maybe they just don’t care) spilled the beans on their plans. Well, maybe we already knew they had big plans for their browser, but at the very least they’re showing off the fact that they need HELP! 🙂

Check out this job posting over at LinkedIn, where you can see RIM is actively looking for a WebKit developer to assist with the development of a new-and-improved BlackBerry browser. Interesting for sure. Kind of makes you wonder what RIM has in mind, and if they’re struggling for brain power to make the thing work.

I’m pullin’ for ya RIM, but I can’t honestly say I’m optimistic. There’s a lot of solid browsers out there in the mobile world. You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you!

Stay tuned.

[Via: MobileCrunch]

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