Adobe: No you can’t have Flash on your iPhone/iTouch and you should blame Apple for that!

Get Adobe Flash Player on the iPhone

Ever tried visiting Adobe’s “Download Flash” page from an iPhone or iPod Touch? It’s hilarious as you can see from the screenshot above. Since Adobe couldn’t get Apple to support Flash in the iPhone’s Safari, they decided to try to pitch the end users who could eventually notify the Cupertino folks to act on the matter. I’m guessing Adobe’s thinking is that once a user sees this message, he or she will immediately write an email to saying just how frustrated he/she is because his beloved devices can’t handle Flash. That, of course, will force Apple to change its ways and accept the inevitable by adding Flash support to Safari. Hmmm, something doesn’t work here, right? 😉

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • smokey

    Flash is not that good. It is good only on Intel CPUs.
    Go ask PPC mac owners.
    Same bad on iPhone CPU (not intel).
    Flash is not truly cross-platform.
    Jobs is right on that one. Adobe needs to clear up their act.

  • Smikema

    Sent an e-mail and posted a link to this article on my facebook page.

  • Khertan

    Smokey, you are wrong.

    Flash works like a charm on Nokia n8x0 and is really great on an n900.

    I can watch youtube video without any problem for example, and this are ARM arch, not x86.

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