Samsung sells 10 million ‘Star’ touchscreen phones, proves the low-end is where it’s at

samsung-logoThe public eye might be focused on headlining smartphones with bang-whiz features and sleek designs, but Samsung proves yet again that the low- to mid-level handset market is nothing to laugh at. Samsung has announced that it has sold 10 million Samsung Star touchscreen handset since its launch just six months ago, as expected. That’s a lot of handsets, sure, but it’s impressive to see Samsung moving that much volume in such a short time.

Increased consumer interest in touchscreen handsets helped drive sales of the Star. “We’ve entered an era where full touch-screen mobiles are mainstream devices, and we are very pleased with the broad popularity of the Samsung Star,” said Young-hee Lee, Vice President of Marketing, Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics. “Samsung is aiming to take the lead in the global touch-screen mobile market with our diverse product line up and customized, unique marketing approach.”

The entry-level handset isn’t going to make headlines for their features or style, but we’re sure Samsung could care less.

[Via: CN]

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