Palm Pre gets a new firmware update; WebOS reaches version 1.3.1

WebOS version 1.3.1

Palm has made a new firmware available for the Pre, in a move that’s obviously designed to coincide with the Pixi release. The update packs tons of minor fixes that further improve the user experience. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Yahoo! synchronization is added
  • Message forwarding
  • A new option for restarting the phone: press and hold power > Power > Restart.
  • Video clips (including YouTube) now display in widescreen mode by default.
  • Embedded YouTube video on a web page can be opened with a dedicated app, just like on the iPhone.
  • Ability to select a ringtone for new message alerts.
  • Ability to go forward or backward in the song using a playback slider (again, just like on the iPhone).

Unfortunately this update doesn’t bring back the iTunes compatibility. Guess that needed to end at some point…

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • coolpalmpre

    Don’t forget, version 1.3.1 also includes Yahoo Messenger as part of the integerated Messaging app. It now supports Google Chat, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger. Awesome!

  • Kozmo

    I just loaded version 1.3.1 and even though Yahoo shows up but won’t letm e run it because it won’t accept my yahoo id and password.

    Any ideas??

  • YoPauly

    Hey Palm.. how about addressing the poor signal reception problem.

    All else is just frosting without a cake!

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