35th. Anniversary Hello Kitty Battery Doors Disgustingly Cute

iPhone-HelloKittyApparently Hello Kitty is a thing. Not a thing I pretend to understand, let alone endorse, but given the immense reception to the Hello Kitty phone and my slavery to SEO, it’s my blogger’s duty to give the people what they want. Hello Kitty has turned 35, and in celebration, Coveroo has launched a lineup of customizable battery doors for just about every phone under the sun. Their web store is really well laid out, and lets you pick which design, in which colours (if any),  and add custom text if you’re so inclined.  For the iPhone, you can get the design printed on a variety of cases and skins, but that’ll cost a little extra. Prices vary, but it looks like they start at around $35; if you’re sold, and just want to get your cutesy-wootsy on, head over to Coveroo.

[via AccessorizeMobile]

  • chunie

    how much is that?

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