Microvision release range of Pico-projector Ads for Show WX


Microvision, which is a company that makes Pico-projectors, has released a series of Ads for it’s Show WX product on YouTube, covering a wide variety of social situations – even including two ladies who are out on the town!

In case you are thinking ‘WTF?’, Pico-projectors are portable projector units, that are touted as being the next big thing in Mobile – literally INside them! I’m not so sure if that’s going to happen on a wider scale as it bulks out the mobile device – but I can definitely see the allure of a small projector, IF it produces good quality. Microvision is one of the leaders in that field.

But enough of that – let’s check out some Ads – one embed below, and then some links for you:


You can find out more about Microvision here.

[Via: picoprojector-info.com]

  • John

    Hate to break it to you but these are very old concept videos and not ads, nor are they “new” by any stretch.

  • Anant

    These videos are two years old and should be take-off the air. They do more damage than good to the Microvision’s marketing effort.

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