SEGA Puts More Primates in Spheres For Our Amusement; Super Monkey Ball 2 Released for iPhone

Super Monkey Ball 2 iPhone

Last year, SEGA released Super Monkey Ball on the iPhone.  The title was a port of SEGA’s successful Super Monkey Ball series that first started on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2001, but since then has made it across multiple platforms.  Super Monkey Ball was also used in demoing the iPhone’s ability to run games with a fully rendered 3D environment.

The original Super Monkey Ball performed great with how responsive the controls were when tilting the iPhone, but it left much to be desired in terms of multiple game modes and its overall graphics.  Super Monkey Ball 2 takes the already addictive gameplay found in the original and puts a ton of polish on it.  The Main Game doesn’t just allow you to play through 115 tracks, but it also features Practice Mode, Mini Games, and even a multiplayer mode that allows for up to 4 players to play over a local WI-FI connection.  The character models also received an update.  Instead of the 2D-ish sprites in Super Monkey Ball, Aiai, Gongon, MeeMee, and Baby all are rendered in full 3D.

Super Monkey Ball 2 retails for a premium price of $9.99, but considering how much work went into it, the purchase can definitely be justified.

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