MTV survey says boys think sexting is hot, girls think it’s slutty, and a third of you have done it

MTV and the Associated Press surveyed 1,247 people between the ages of 14 and 24 in September to find out what they thought about sexting. For those unfamiliar with the term, sexting refers to people sending naughty photos to other people. Of the people who admitted to sexting, half of them didn’t see sexting as a big deal, while the other half called it a serious problem. Makes you wonder why they still went through with it? Anyway, more stats: 1/3 of “young adults” have sexted while only 1/4 of teenagers have done the same. Around 14% of the people who sent naughty images were suspiciousness that the recipient may shared them with others, and as it turns out 17% of people who received a naughty image have admitted to forwarding it to someone else. Boys were more likely to receive a forwarded image than girls, which makes absolute sense when you think of how hooped up on hormones those stuttering pimple faced walking erections are in High School. Forwarding an MMS is easier than pirating pornography.

When boys were asked what they thought about sexting they said “hot”, while girls mostly said “slutty”. With all these naked images flying around you would think that everyone is doing it, but in reality only 10% admitted to sending naked photos of themselves to people. For all you parents out there, think about these statistics for a second. Your child is probably sitting in a class of roughly 30 children, and chances are 3 of them have sent naughty photos of themselves to their lovers.

If you’ve sexted leave a comment below as to why and how many times you’ve done it. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve sexted more times than I care to count, but I’ve never regretted it at all. Is some middle aged man with an affinity towards young, hairless, slightly overweight men, masturbating furiously at an image that one of my former conquests shared online with her friends? Probably.


[Via: Cellular News]

  • Sarah

    I have sent i think maybe seven pics, but either in bathing suits and one topless.

  • umair nadeem

    I am umair nadeem from karachi pakistan

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