BlackBerry and iPhone Apps Plugging into Chevy Volt


You car nuts out there might be familiar with Chevy’s upcoming electric car called the Volt. It will be able to do some neat stuff, like begin charging on a programmable clock and have OnStar built in, but at the LA Auto Show last week, they showed a slide of the good old BlackBerry Storm 9530 activating charging remotely through an on-device app. The extent of further functions that GM’s mobile apps for the Volt are still something of a mystery, but if stuff like SmartStart is any indication of the possibilities, tasks like popping the trunk, locking and unlocking the doors, hitting the panic alarm, and starting the car are likely additions. Some GPS integration for finding your parking spot would be handy too. Another wired-up car, the Ford sync, has a few mobile features, but they’re pretty much all related to handsfree calling, and don’t take advantage of the possibilities smartphones have to offer as well as the Volt seems to be doing.

[via GM-Volt]

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