Get Your Feathers Ruffled for Angry Birds Release on the iPhone App Store

If I told you Angry Birds was a game where you hurl birds at some snarky pigs who stole their precious eggs to have for breakfast, then you’d probably pass it off.  I’m here to inform you that Clickgamer’s Angry Birds is a game worth your time and your money.

The story isn’t really what’s important here, the gameplay and is where it’s at.  You play through different levels where the pigs have set up various objects to defend themselves from the bird onslaught.  Glass, wood, even concrete are used to block your attacks and each material reacts as they would in the real world.  Glass shatters as soon as it’s hit, wood requires a bit more work to break through, while concrete is even tougher.

As you fire your birds, the game reminds you of your previous attempt by ways of a dotted line.  This helps in planning out your next attack as you can adjust your trajectory and/or how much power to put behind each throw.

Overall, I was very pleased with how simple and fun Angry Birds was. I found myself smiling at some of the bird’s noises as they fly through the air or when the pigs chuckle any time my attempt would fail.  Angry Birds is now available on the App Store and Clickgamer has set an introductory price of $.99 to celebrate the game’s release.

[iTunes Link]

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