Verizon Wireless launches BOGO offer for the HTC DROID Eris

Verizon Wireless launches BOGO offer for the HTC DROID Eris

What do you know – this is the second time Verizon Wireless is offering “buy one get one free” for the HTC DROID Eris. We (at least me) haven’t caught it the first time.

Anyway, what this means is that if you need two Android handsets, you can grab the MOTO DROID or DROID Eris, and get another DROID Eris free of charge. Of course, another contract for that free Eris is required, but you would need that anyway. Check out this page on Verizon’s website for additional information.

[Via: BGR]

  • Jay

    Becareful with this offer! I took advantage (or so I thought) of the Verizon buy a Droid Eris get one free two weeks ago when it first ran. What they don’t tell you (accept in the fine print) is that you ONLY get the free one if you either activate a line of service for the free one or have an existing line of service that qualifies for upgrading. In our case we activated a third line for the droid we purchased expecting to replace the phone on one of our existing lines with the free one. They sent us the purchased one with no notice that we didn’t qualify. In fact they even asked us which free phone we wanted. Ultimately, 3 days after receiving our purchased Droid and 3 LONG phone calls to customer service as well as having to insist on speaking with supervisors and threats of lawsuits and cancelling service they FINALLY agreed to send us our free phone only if we would agree to restart the upgrade counter on one of our existing lines. Though you all should know the offer is only a GREAT offer of your willing to fight for it.

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