Nokia Introduces Image Space

The latest out of Nokia’s wonderful, magical Beta Labs is Image Space, which stitches together pictures shared from their phone to Flickr into a 3D environment. By combining GPS coordinates and compass metadata, pictures are arranged and overlapped with one another to create a location-contextualized slideshow. Image Space is basically identical to what Google has been doing with Street View and Panoramio, but I can hardly blame them since this is such a great idea. “Copy with pride”, right? To be fair, the mobile aspect and taking into account compass data does give Image Space a bit of an edge.

I love this stuff. Before long, we’ll all be continually streaming video from cyborg eyes to the cloud, and having individual frames contextualized in this same way to create a perfect 3D virtual replica of the world. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. To get started, hit up the labs.

[via Nokia Beta Labs]

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