LG eXpo (GW 820) honored with 2010 International CES Innovations Award

LG eXpo (GW 820)

LG announced that its pico projector-equipped eXpo (GW 820) was honored with 2010 International CES Innovations Award. By now you probably already know everything about LG’s Windows Mobile-powered smartphone, which key feature is the support for an optional integrated Pico projector that snaps onto the back of the device. In that sense, CES’ decision to honor the eXpo doesn’t come as a surprise as there are no other handsets with same functionality made by a major company available on the market.

In the other news, LG has also scored awards for 14 other non-mobile phone products in eight categories: Eco-Design and Sustainable Technology, Video Displays, Online Audio/Video Content, Video Components, Audio Components, Home Networking, High-Performance Audio and Home Appliances… You can check those details from the official press release.

  • Sucra

    Innovative, maybe. But will anyone want it? Look at the horrible shape of that thing. Imagine that bulging in your pocket. The phone’s battery doesn’t last long with the projector on.

    The device, unfortunately runs the Windows Mobile phone operating system, which is very unpopular these days. The rest of the world, apart from LG, has given up on it.

    Like other Windows Mobile devices, you are saddled with the necessity of using a PDA stylus pen to interface with the screen. Can you imagine this. Trying to project something, at the same time as use a stylus pen at a weird angle to operate it.

    To make matters worse, the stylus pen does not have an internal slot to house it in the body of the phone (like most other stylus devices have). Instead, the stylus is housed in a lipstick holder, that you keep externally. Yep, it looks exactly like a lipstick, and has a little cap that you remove to reveal the stylus. It will look very pretty with the other make-up items in my handbag.

    To cap things off, the projector really isn’t very bright. You get a very small, dim, picture on the wall. In the end, if you need to present something, a small laptop will display a more useful demonstration than this dimly lit projector will.

    In the end, quite a bizarre device.

  • Bezzi

    I have had this phone for about a wk now and also the pico projector. Let me tell you that this phone is'nt worth the headache.You do not know how many times I wanted to break the thing but I could'nt because I am returning it. Stay clear of the Expo.No wonder why there arent any more tv commericals for the thing.Yadadamean

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