Video: New APIs Allow Mobile Apps to Plug into Ford SYNC

Ford’s sync automotive connectivity system is getting even snazzier at CES this year, thanks to a project they’re working on with select application partners. Essentially Ford has provided hooks that mobile app developers include in their software that allows the in-car sync system to recognize and relay commands to your phone when paired via Bluetooth or USB. Stitcher, Pandora and OpenBeak have been able to get involved, leveraging the built-in Nuance voice recognition, text-to-voice notifications, and in-car button controls to do stuff like give thumbs-up to tracks, change radio stations, or send tweets by voice. When the SDK gets released (no date set), mobile app developers won’t have to do much to plug in to the sync system – apparently Pandora only took 10 days to get everything working. Overall this is good news, but if you’re waiting for Ford to offer some kind of remote car-starting capabilities that we’re seeing with Chevrolet and Viper, this relatively open development system may pose too much of a security risk for Ford to prudently give sync that amount of car control. You can head over here for a closer look at sync.

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