Which Device Features a Security Flaw in Android 2.0.1? DROID Does!

Android-Pattern-Lock-ScreenThis isn’t the kind of news DROID users want to hear. Sadly, a bug/flaw has been found in Android 2.0.1 that will allow any Motorola DROID users to bypass the pattern lock screen. Crazy, I know… So how does this happen? Well, first off, your DROID needs to be ringing. If you pick up the DROID at that point and press the ‘back’ key, you’ll end up at your home screen. From there, ‘voila’, you have full access to the device and all of its features. Insane.

Google is aware of the issue and is no doubt working to patch the problem post-haste. In a recent statement they noted: ‘We are aware of the issue and we’re working to deliver a fix to Motorola DROIDs shortly’. Of course you are… Now HURRY!

[Via: TechCrunch]

  • matthew bennett

    We tried this on my buddies Nexus One. When locked, it displays the incoming call info, you can answer, then hit the back button to get to the home screen, never unlocking it. Nice! : )

  • Kian Ryan

    And rule 1 applies: once someone has access to your device, there is no more security.

    For someone to exploit this:
    1) Your phone needs to be nicked.
    2) The person who does the nicking needs to be a close follower of Android news.
    3) They’ll need to identify the number on the sim or use a sim they know.
    4) Generate an incoming call from another phone to perform the unlock.

    That’s a lot of effort. Whilst it obviously needs patching, it’s clearly not the end of the world.

  • Pru Kerr

    @Kian Ryan

    1. Happens all the time.
    2. It’s on Google’s FRONT PAGE news. Hardly have to be a follower.
    3 & 4 – What, no one ever calls you? You just have to wait until the phone rings.

    While maybe not the end of the world, it’s more serious than you think. Personally, I’d like a patch ASAP.

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