Garmin-ASUS reassures us that Android phones are coming in 2010

garmin-asus-logoThe Garmin-ASUS duo that gave us the Nuvifone M20 and Nuvifone G60 smartphones is still on track to launch an Android phone in 2010. Garmin-ASUS hasn’t exactly made a name for itself as a smartphone manufacturer with reliable launch windows, but it’s good to hear that the company is still planning to make good on their promise to deliver an Android-powered smartphone to market. Garmin-ASUS says that they will bring a total of 4-5 phones to market in 2010, with at least two phones running the Android OS.

An ASUS exec recently confirmed that the two companies would jointly continue to attack the mobile space with new devices. Garmin-ASUS initially claimed a Q1 2010 launch of their Android phone, they then updated the launch window for a “before end of the year” launch, and now they’re saying the Android phone will get real in Q2 2010. Hopefully, the launch of their Android phone doesn’t end up repeating the delay-riddled launch of the Garmin-ASUS nuvifone lineup.

[Via: Phandroid]

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